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Do you remember those early days of your relationship when your partner couldn’t get enough of you? Almost every night you would spend ours talking over the phone or get busy with texting adding all kinds of emoji’s to show how excited you were and truly felt.

As time goes on, things start to get a little bit plain as the spark that once brought the relationship together fades and disappears into oblivion.

We believe that people are now exchangeable. “She’s broken my heart too many times, I’ll just dump her and find somebody else.”

But deep down you still have romantic feelings for your loved one, yet have this idea nagging at the back of your mind that he or she no longer wants to deal with all the drama.

Doesn’t give much care about the relationship anymore, at least not as much as you do.

On his new single “Her Voice In My Head” singer and songwriter Joshua Ketchmark is able to reveal and point towards a struggling relationship with his appealing lyrics. He manages to take us into a past life where we take our partners for granted neglecting their needs and desires for a better relationship.

The song is filled by tuneful melodies strum on acoustic guitars with Joshua Ketchmark singing along creating bittersweet memories of sadness. The easy-sounding rhythm of the drums with a slow tempo is able to pull you back into your seat making the song captivating and interesting as you listen to every minute of it.

Moving back and forth between Nashville and L.A Joshua Ketchmark makes the best of his opportunities, spending quality time in the studio and performing live. You can hear the richness in his music doubling it with extraordinary songwriting skills able to capture emotion at it’s darkest.

We can become more focused and draw attention to ourselves making the relationships we have become a bit unfulfilling, stagnant and even a bit predictable at times. “Her Voice In My Head” brings out a lot of thoughts making us wonder, “Does she feel unloved? Not appreciated enough?”

Listening to this song makes you doubt a relationship and whether it has a future or not but Joshua Ketchmark makes the song uplifting attempting to drive you in coming up with ways of how one could reignite and get the passion back.

The single “Her Voice In My Head” is powerful with an established rhythm that keeps you engaged until the end featuring well recorded instruments, very clean, enabling the vocals to shine through.

Joshua Ketchmark is a spirited energy showing us the underlying commitment in doing whatever it takes in order to salvage a relationship giving the song the support it needs making it unique and original.

In creating memorable lyrics one has to subdue themselves in their own world and Joshua Ketchmark is able to dig deeper and find the right words to make this song sound melancholic and relatable.