Based on a true story.

BLOOD is the tenth studio album by american singer songwriter Joshua Ketchmark. It follows up the 2021 album
'The Huntington Hotel.' The album was produced and mixed by Ketchmark and document's Ketchmarks past. Ketchmark has stated that the album is based on true events and that the title is inspired not only by the lyrical subject matter but also by those involved with the making of the record.
All of the songs on BLOOD were written by Ketchmark, and a significant amount of the songwriting for the album took place in the later part of 2018 and beginning of 2019. The recording process started in the spring of 2020 and took place in various studios throughout California, Arizona, Georgia, and Tennessee. It all coame together to be completed and mixed at Ketchmarks studio 'Black Gold Speakeasy’ in Nashville, TN.

BLOOD includes appearances by drummer Zak St. John (Black Star Riders), and bassist Ger Hoffman (Joe Diffie), with the majority of the piano and organ being played by Michael Webb (Chris Stapleton), Tony Paoletta (Travis Tritt) contributed lap steel,

Sadler Vaden (Jason Isbell and the 400 unit) played guitar on 8 of the 12 songs, and Nick Nguyen (Bonepony) added banjo and viola. The harmonies and backup vocals on BLOOD include guest appearances by Candace Devine (Ponderosa Grove), Heather Luttrel,

CC Wyle (Wyle), Kenny Wright (The Great Affairs), Dvniel and Joey O.

BLOOD was mastered by Michael Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, CA.

Ketchmark grew up in the Midwest, in a small town 2 1/2 hours south of Chicago, IL. He first discovered music in his parents record collection before finding the radio. Later, he moved to Nashville where he cut his teeth playing with local acts before moving to Los Angeles, CA. He was moonlighting and playing guitar for bands in Hollywood, and his day gig consisted of working in the studio

with established artists and Grammy award winning producers learning about how major label records were made.
Ketchmark released his first solo record ‘List of Regrets’ in 2008 to critical acclaim, and was noted as "what could be the next big thing." After his next release, ‘Karus Cruentus’ he began splitting his time between recording and showcasing throughout

southern California, recording sessions and shows in Tennessee. After headlining the world famous Roxy Theatre in support of his releases, the next record would begin production in Hollywood, CA at Sunset Sound Studios,

but would ultimately be completed in Nashville.

After relocating once again to Tennessee, Ketchmark built his studio ‘Black Gold Speakeasy,’ not only to start a new chapter in his career as a songwriter and artist, but also to begin producing, engineering and mixing records for other artists.

He put his early studio experiences in LA to good use, and did what you do in Nashville, songwriting with everyone under the sun.

To quote one of Ketchmark’s long time collaborators and friends, “Once you finish it, it’s not yours anymore.” It’s in that spirit that Ketchmark releases BLOOD, in the hopes that it will find its way into the soundtrack of your life.