…Every once in a while, you hear a song that stops you in your tracks. It’s an immediate connection, and it’s like the artist is singing right to you.


..“His new album BLOOD is full of anthemic tracks that will get stuck in your head for days” : Top Music News


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Joshua Ketchmark is a talented Americana artist and singer-songwriter who hails from Nashville,Tn. He born in in a small town outside Peoria, Illinois. Growing up, he was exposed to a diverse range of musical influences, including the likes of Queen, The Beatles, Mellencamp, and Tom Petty. Joshua’s passion for music was ignited when he stumbled upon his mother’s acoustic guitar, and he began writing and performing music on his own.
His journey eventually led him to Nashville and then Los Angeles, where he had the opportunity to work with renowned producers and musicians such as Jack Joseph Puig, Michael Beinhorn, and Rob Cavallo, as well as artists such as Jonny Lang and Melissa Etheridge and the band Fuel.

Despite the highs and lows of his career, Joshua remained steadfast in his commitment to music, leading to the release of his critically acclaimed debut solo album, “List of Regrets,” which attracted the attention of magazines and major record labels. However, Joshua chose to remain an independent artist, forging his path in the music industry on his own terms.

Fast-forward to today; Joshua has just released his tenth studio album, “BLOOD,” a deeply personal and introspective album that documents his past. The album, which features 12 tracks, was produced and mixed by Joshua himself and includes appearances by some of the most talented musicians in the industry, such as drummer Zak St. John, bassist Ger Hoffman, and pianist Michael Webb.

The recording process took place in various studios throughout California, Arizona, Georgia, and Tennessee, with the final touches being added at Joshua’s studio, “Black Gold Speakeasy,” in Nashville. “BLOOD” was mastered by Michael Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, CA.

Joshua Ketchmark’s “BLOOD” is a testament to his unwavering passion for music and his commitment to creating deeply personal and moving art that resonates with audiences worldwide.



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“Like Petty/Campbell, Ketchmark knows how to rock & roll, without ever losing sight of pop melodies. This music is hard enough for the boys, but still sweet enough for the girls. It is, simply put, music that incorporates the best of both worlds. Even despite its horror movie-ready song title.”-CURIOUS FOR MUSIC

“Joshua Ketchmark is a solid singer/songwriter with a real artistic quality that shines through in his work. “Covered In Blood” is a true testament to Joshua’s stellar artistry proving that he is able to create strong material that is rich in substance.”-SKOPE MAGAZINE

“Ketchmark’s highly anticipated tenth studio album “BLOOD” (due out in July) is shaping up to hold the torch of such middle America greats as Dylan or even The Replacements, while maintaining the unassuming vibe of acts like The Jayhawks.”-INDIE BAND GURU

“beguiling blend of American rock and new wave that defined Tom Petty’s breakthrough period”

“an album of country-tinged rock & roll. And it’s a pretty good one, at that.”-CURIOUS FOR MUSIC

“This is American rock and roll done well.”

“feels heartfelt and spontaneous, yet incredibly diverse and kaleidoscopic.”-THE BANDCAMP DIARIES

“(Covered In Blood) Brimming with melody, this track is absolutely unforgettable; you get a real double dose of catchiness from both the vocals and instrumental that really makes this song stick. This is one of those rare tracks that is a top-to-bottom powerhouse and it definitely stands as one you will want to check out.”-WHICH COAST

“Joshua is a natural-born storyteller with a unique way to make his songs feel energetic, but also intimate and immediate.”

“‘Blood’ is a heartfelt experience through and through.”-INDIE BAND GURU

“From the depth of modern Americana, down to the beautiful atmospheric sounds of modern indie-folks, anything goes.”