Stereo Stickman

By Rebecca Cullen

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Joshua Ketchmark returns this year to paint yet another clear and captivating series of images in the way that only an experienced songwriter can. Her Voice In My Head sets the scene powerfully for its audience, brightening up the essential backbone of acoustic country or folk-rock with an emotionally driven and intimately open display of lyricism, presented at every step by the artist’s notably passionate leading voice – the likes of which offer up a sense of genuine connection between the concept and the current moment.

Her Voice In My Head has the simplistic weight of a well-written, classic alt-pop ballad of sorts. Ketchmark’s voice brings together personal delicacy and a certain reach for gravel and grit that arrives as reminiscent of the likes of Bryan Adams or Jon Bon Jovi. It’s quite a rare performance style to stumble upon these days, and in the context of this distinctly personal and honest song it creates quite a refreshing and simultaneously nostalgic experience.

As stated here and once before, Joshua Ketchmark knows how to tell a story with his songwriting. This latest release is no exception. The writer manages to take on a subject matter that is undoubtedly very personal and somewhat private, and present it under an accessible light. This has the effect of seeming all at once genuine, real, and something that listeners can connect to in their own unique way. The lyrics become yours as you listen. What first appear as specific details unrelated to anyone else, later become the building blocks of your own version of life experiences or memories. It’s a strong way to write and Joshua’s performance throughout pays a heartfelt tribute to all of this and helps make that connection even stronger.

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