Stereo Stickman (single review)

By Rebecca Cullen
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Joshua Ketchmark presents audiences with a powerful meeting of delicacy and grit. 17 is a notably emotional song, offered up acoustically for the most part, introducing the vocal tone and performance style of the artist, as well as his unique songwriting and story telling, in an immediately accessible and compelling way.

Joshua Ketchmark’s story telling on this particular release has you gripped with every verse. There are certain moments that connect on a fairly broad level, making it a song that can be appreciated by a wider audience, but also there’s an undeniable touch of personal experience and truth to it all, which brings about something that can’t be compared – a story that hasn’t been told before, a snippet of reality. The lyricism comes with a lot of strength, the lines are laid out in a poetic manner, and Joshua Ketchmark’s voice has the sound of a rock star gone mellow – that grit and delicacy combined, almost whispered yet distinctly passionate. It carries the sentiment of this song through really well.

Musically the acoustic guitar sound here is crisp and very intimate, giving off the feeling that this is a live performance, right there in the room with you. The set up is simplistic, minimalist even, and on occasion the voice and the guitar are surrounded and supported by a couple of additional elements that really help brighten up the edges of the verses. The video for the song appears as a relevant accompaniment, the mood matches effectively and the whole project works well in creating a certain mood and capturing your affection. It’s a calming yet reflective piece of music and writing.

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