Beachsloth (single review)

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Sung with heart and soul, Joshua Ketchmark sculpts a highly personal journey with the powerful “17”. Proving to be highly skilled at storytelling, Joshua Ketchmark employs a writerly approach to his carefully woven narrative. The patience utilized over the course of the track further emphasizes its undeniably emotional core. Over the course of the piece Joshua Ketchmark recalls the past with a tinge of yearning, one that comes to define the entire piece. Guitar playing has an intimacy to it that further highlights the caring nature that pours out of the track. Quite patient, Joshua Ketchmark allows the song to evolve with incredible grace, never rushing a thing. Vocals stand front and center from which all else radiates.

For the first stretch of the piece Joshua Ketchmark is accompanied only by his trusty guitar. With a feeling of true Americana, the song unfolds with such ease. The choir adds to the tenderness of the track. Usage of the accordion adds to the romantic spirit of the piece, as the song flirts with rushing headfirst into a glorious stream of color. Allowing for the quiet to speak volumes, Joshua Ketchmark lets the song burst into a glorious stream of beautiful color for the final stretch of the piece. Outright masterful, the way everything unfurls feels majestic, with the drums hitting with such poignancy.

With “17” Joshua Ketchmark adds to the remarkable singer-songwriter tradition with something that feels so raw and visceral.