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Joshua Ketchmark Debut Residency At Molly Malones Los Angeles

Joshua Ketchmark will debut his residency at Molly Malones in West Hollywood on Wednesday's starting April 7th at 10pm.

Joshua Ketchmark will be rocking out his list of regrets which just happens to be the title of his debut album. With his soulful voice, sweet rock ballads and infectious tunes, you can't help but find yourself bobbing your head and hanging on his every note up into the wee hours of the morning.

With combination of stellar guitar riffs and captivating songwriting, Ketchmark is an artist that is able to rock out a high energy tracks and compose lyrics that penetrate. 'It really means a lot to me when someone says they can relate to one of my songs. I try hard to make that connection."

Joshua proves to do just that. His catchy melodies about life, love, loss, self-destruction and everything else in between has hit a chord with just about everyone while his fresh and engaging rock beats that embraces the sound of the mid 90's rock will pull you in.

Hailing just outside of Peoria, IL and developing a devoted fan following from the east coast all the way to his current residence in Los Angeles, Joshua Ketchmark must be doing something right.

Residency Dates - 10pm set times.

April 7 April 21 April 28