Music Ketchmark Live


Joshua Ketchmark is an emotional dude. Labeled as a “damn good soundtrack to his life,” Ketchmark’s debut album, List of Regrets, is a lineup of regrettable tunes chronicling heartbreak, watching friends self-destruct, and the like. It’s as heartfelt as can be for a man searching for truth only to be left demoralized by the harsh realities of life – and Ketchmark does a fantastic job of subjecting the listener to that feeling. The album is drenched in lush arrangments and the breathy swoon of a tortured soul. The track “Everything” released in early 2009 and sounds like a throwback to everything you heard in the early 90s, complete with Ketchmark’s guitar licks that offer to do the crying for him. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more of him in the future.