Music Ketchmark Live

LIVE SHOW REVIEW-Written by Veronica Vasquez

Upon first receiving the call to go and do a review of a local musician, I was skeptical at best. Growing up in LA and having had the guts to play in the music scene here I know that most acts are well, how shall I say it, just plain shitty. Little did I know that I would be pleasantly surprised on a random Wednesday night by the line up at The Mint, and more specifically, Mr. Joshua Ketchmark.

The Mint, with its artsy decor and friendly service proved to be the perfect set up for Josh Ketchmark and his band of all star Los Angeles musicians. Not only were these guys incredibly down to earth but they rocked the house with a set of heart pumping songs mixed with the honest and revealing lyrics of their Illinois born front man. Unfortunetly for Mr. Ketchmark, the sound was not well balanced and at times it was hard to hear his voice, but all in all the performance was tight and entertaining. I found myself nodding my head to the beat for every song because every song is just that high energy. Collectively as a band they were seamless, hitting every beat and every note with ease and flare. As a front man, Josh assumed the role seamlessly with a voice that reminded me of the gritty dissonance of Billy Corgan and the sweet tones of Brandon Boyd. You would think that those two wouldn’t go together and yet Josh makes it seem easy and makes it his own.

As the set drew to an end the audience was still digging it and I was thinking that they were going to ask for an encore. Sadly, the Mint was booked solid that night and there was no time. However, if time had been allotted for it, I’m certain that he could have easily gone on to play a few more songs and the audience would have adored it.

If you ever find yourself in the Los Angeles area and have the opportunity to catch Josh performing, do yourself a favor and go! Even if ‘rock music’ is not your thing, you might be surprised by how much you actually enjoy the inventive riffs, the steady grooves, and the anthem-like melodies delivered effortlessly by Mr. Ketchmark.

I was fortunate enough to hang out with Josh after the show and after congratulating him on his set I challenged him by asking what he would say to those who hear and connect with the music. His simple and poignant response was, “If they enjoy what they’re hearing, then there’s plenty more to come.”