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Joshua Ketchmark about to release Dreamers Disease [EP]

Following up the success of his last EP Bittersweet Joshua Ketchmark is set to return with his new one Dreamers Disease on July 17th. This is the second in a trilogy of releases that Joshua will be giving us this year. The four track EP kicks off with 'Saving Grace' a perfect summer anthem with crashing guitars complimenting Joshua’s lilting voice. The second track 'Mason Jar' is by far the standout on the short set this one is full of attitude and you really get a sense of Joshua’s anguish as he sings ‘I foresee she’ll be the death of me ‘on the captivating chorus.

'Should have been' is more melancholy after the excitement of the previous track here Ketchmark’s voice is dripping with emotion as he laments the breakdown of a relationship. The lyrics are impressive too displaying an innate ability to masterfully tell a story that will captivate and inspire listeners. The closing track 'Step Back' is about the journey of self-discovery that we all go through it’s a brilliant ballad that make listeners relive their youth no matter how old they are.

Joshua has proved himself a wonderful storyteller and impeccable vocalist with the Dreamers Disease it will draw listeners in will definitely set him apart and enable him to make his mark on the music world,with a third EP coming before the year is out it looks like the best is yet to come from Joshua Ketchmark.

Dreamers Disease is out July 17th

Tracks to look out for:

Mason Jar

Saving Grace