7 May 2016 Last night was a blast! Thanks to everyone that came out to The End. New music comin Tuesday!

10 April 2016 Just wrapped a great interview with Producer Kenny Wright! A look back at the Dreamers Disease EP coming soon!

20 March 2016 A re-release of all my 2012 EPs in one compilation is coming soon, including 2 bonus tracks that were mixed by Davey Rieley & co-written w Mr. Denny Smith. Stay tuned.

18 March 2016 A blast writing today. Kickin out the jams w @caleblovely.

11 March 2016 Friday May 6th I'll be playing the International Pop Overthrow festival here in Nashville, come on down! I've got a bunch of new tunes for ya.

1 March 2016 A write up about my new single. Thanks Robert!! Read it here.

23 February 2016 My New single is out today. Special thanks go out to Davey Rieley, Kenny Wright & Michael Bozzi for their help with this, thanks brothers.. Check it out here.

21 February 2016 For those of you who have been asking about new material, shows etc. This is your year! Since relocating from LA to Nashville, I've been fortunate enough to have worked with some great folks, either engineering, producing or mixing. It's been great to be a part of all of it! But now it's time for me to feed the demon. I'm planing on releasing 30 tunes this year, starting with a new single this Tuesday called 'My Old Man'. It's a song a wrote last year about the passing of my father in 2003.

20 February 2016 Almost thru mixing 'She' the last bonus track from 2012. For an upcoming re-issue of all 3 Eps on one compilation including these two from the last couple days! 'She' Mixed by Davey Rieley. Zak St. John on drums. Co-written w Denny Smith

23 February 2016 New Single, "My Old Man" is available on CD Baby.

19 February 2016 Thomas: Absolution record is out today! Honored to have gotten to work with so many talented people on this record.

5 February 2016 Sitting here watching Davey Rieley mix my new single! Stoked

26 January 2016 Here's a Director's Cut of the 'Without You' video, shot and directed by Peter Leininger.

28 December 2014 Tracking more Guitars and Keys with The Midnight Radio Sessions.

23 December 2014 Tracking Guitars and Keys in Black Gold Speakeasy with The Midnight Radio Sessions.

16 December 2014 Writing with Davey Rieley and Billy Dawson

5 December 2014 Writing #100 ‘Queen Of Hearts...’ Mission Accomplished!!

21 November 2014 Writting #88 ‘Old Black Magic.'

20 October 2014 Tracking guitars on the Bonus tracks for the Re-Release of 12 in 2012

9 October 2014 Tracking more guitars!!!

8 October 2014 Tracking Guitars for TGA record.

4 October 2014 Tracking Mandolins for the Great Affairs ‘Dream In Stereo’ Record.

13 September 2014 Heading out to Michael St. Leon’s Switchyard, to help produce and lend an ear to The Midnight Radio Sessions drum tracks today.

6 September 2014 Tracking Percussion and guitars for The Great Affairs ‘Dream In Stereo’ Release.

29 August 2014 Recording basic tracks for Larimores son 'Lighthouse.'

15 August 2014 Song #75 in one year...complete. It is called 'Tortured Souls.'

25 July 2014 Larimores writing session today...working on ‘Sinking Stone’.

18 July 2014 Tracking Vocals with Thomas at BGS.

17 July 2014 Tracking Guitars on ‘This Is Low’ with Denny Smith at Black Gold Speakeasy for the new Thomas record, everything’s sounding great.

16 July 2014 Tracking Guitars on ‘Not Today’ with Denny Smith at Black Gold Speakeasy for the new Thomas Record.

2 July 2014 Doing more writing with Scott Johnson.

1 July 2014 Tracking scratch tracks for The Midnight Radio Sessions 2015 release.

25 June 2014 I set a goal to write 100 songs in this year. Today, I finished song #50, 'Chasing a Dream.'

22 June 2014 Songwriting with Scott Johnson to finish 'Black Light Saturday Night' at Black Gold Speakeasy.

16 June 2014 Songwriting with Scott Johnson today!

6 June 2014 Reviewing 'All She Wrote' with producer, Kenny Wright.

5 June 2014 Songwriting with The Larimores on two new tunes today.

30 May 2014 Tracking scratch tracks for The Midnight Radio Sessions 2015 release.

25 May 2014 So happy to have Scott Johnson of Bonepony tracking lyrics to my song 'Great Unknown' at the Black Gold Speakeasy.

28 May 2014 Begin work on 'All She Wrote' again after a year on the shelf. Getting close to finishing it up for releases.

15 May 2014 Songwriting with a new project, The Larimores!

5 May 2014 Lot of thanks going out today...Thank you to everyone that came out last night to catch the show! I had a blast. Thank you to David Bash for having us...and last but not least, thanks goes out to my band...Mr. Denny Smith, Kenny Wright and Henry Go...that was alota fun brothers! Until next time!!!

4 May 2014 International Pop Overthrow tonight at THE END in Nashville.

29 March 2014 Hey guys, I'm gonna sing a couple songs with The Lonley drunks this Saturday at the Viper Room while I'm in LA. Come on down!

15 March 2014 I am playing the Nashville International POP Overthrow in May!

26 July 2013 Best of Seven at the International POP Overthrow! We are playing an acoustic performance. Hope to see you there!

23 March 2013 Today is the last day of recording at the Switchyard in Nashville. Vocals are going down!!

14 January 2013 Video 'Without You' video is up to 1735 plays. Thank you for all your support! If you haven't seen this Bloody Mess yet, Check it out Here.

9 December 2012 Thank you to everyone who came to the show last night. It was great!

8 December 2012 Roxy Show tonight!

-11 November 2012 Get your tickets online now for The Ignited Record Release Show at the Roxt Theater in Hollywood! Invite your friends with this Facebook Invite!

-1 November 2012 We are getting ready to finish shooting the video for Without You! Thank you to Nikki Gagnon, Peter Leininger, Nicole Bellows, Val Garcia, Samantha Gregory and Billy Vondrasek.

-7 October 2012 Free Music Download! Get the single "Without You" from the soon to be released EP - The Ignited!

-2 October 2012 Just booked a gig at Genghis Cohen! October 11th, 9pm! This is a great acoustic venue and we are looking forward to seeing you there! Check out the show invite on Facebook.

-28 September 2012 There's a sneak peak on the press page of what to expect from The Ignited EP!

-19 September 2012 New live shows are on the horizon!

-16 September 2012 Two new songs co-wrote with Denny Smith are being tracked at Henson Studios in Hollywood CA. Drums were recorded today by Zak St. John. More Nashville recording scheduled as well!

-6 September 2012 The new video for 'Without You' is in it's pre-production stages-and it is going to be pretty incredible! It will be directed by Peter Leininger! Stay tuned!

-1 September 2012 Coming soon...The Ignited EP! You are listening to the first single - 'Without You,' right now!

-23 August 2012 Watch out Nashville and Knoxville! Looking forward to a great show in the Midwest! Backed by Carl Raether on bass, Zak St. John on drums and Christian Martucci on guitar.

-2 July 2012 Join us at Genghis Cohen on 8-17-12! Backed by Carl Raether on bass, Zak St. John on drums and Andrew Synowiec on guitar, Joshua Ketchmark continues to expose all the unique facets of his musical personality. He is sure to draw listeners in and leave them anticipating what comes next, defining him as an ever evolving talent. Read more about the upcoming three city tour here...

-7 July 2012 There are a few new LA shows coming your way! We will be at the Viper Room on 7-25-12. Backed by Carl Raether on bass, Zak St. John on drums and Andrew Synowiec on guitar, Joshua Ketchmark continues to expose all the unique facets of his musical personality. He is sure to draw listeners in and leave them anticipating what comes next, defining him as an ever evolving talent.

-5 July 2012 We are coming to Nashville, check out the tour dates! Backed by Carl Raether on bass, Zak St. John on drums and Christian Martucci on guitar, Joshua Ketchmark will be coming back to where the Dreamer's Disease was recorded for a wonderful home coming show!

-6 June 2012 Please get your tickets to the 6-21-12 Show at the Roxy in Los Angeles! We are looking forward to seeing you!

-30 May 2012 Learn about the behind the scenes for The Bittersweet, as well as what to expect from Dreamers Disease!

-15 May 2012 Invite your friends to the next show at THE ROXY!June 21st!

-30 April 2012 The video for "Cigarettes and Wine" can be watched on Joshua Ketchmark's Youtube page!

-19 April 2012 The video for The Bittersweet EP will be out soon...

-17 April 2012 Check out "All These Eyes" on Wrecked Radio! THE BITTERSWEET is AVAILABLE NOW!

-13 April 2012 Hope to see you tomorrow at the Roxy Theatre for our record release show! Check out the Tour Page for Details!

-8 April 2012 One more week until the show! Get your tickes on the store page at a discounted rate! Plus, the cash goes to the band-Support local music!

-27 March 2012 the Bittersweet EP Record Release show will be at the Roxy-April 14th 2012-10pm! Get tickets now on the store page, on Ticketmaster or at the door. Hope to see you there!

-12 March 2012 The Bittersweet EP is set to release on April 17th. Check out the teaser on the media page!

-8 March 2012 Joshua Ketchmark on Pandora!

-1 March 2012 New photos from Aaron Ripes coming soon!

-25 February 2012 I'm releasing a new EP called 'the Bittersweet' on April 17th, it's the 1st of 3 this year. We're shooting the first video today for a song called 'cigarettes and wine' I'm pretty excited...

-24 January 2012 The wrap of the "Absent Savior" video on the look out for the video!

-5 February 2012 Mixing at GoDaveyGo with Davey Julson-Rieley.

-19 December 2011 While the tunes from November are being mixed, new tunes are being recorded in Los Angeles! Working at GoDaveyGo with Davey Julson-Rieley.

-11 November 2011 Back in Nashville, but this time recording with the very talented musicians (and friends) from Bonepony.

-22 May 2011 After working the tunes up a little more with Denny Smith, the music director on this new project, we are ready to record in June!

-1 April 2011 I am happy to announce that the new tunes will be recorded in Nashville at The Switchyard Recording Studios!

-19 March 2011 Beginning work on some new tunes!

-16 February 2011 If you didn't get your tickets in advance for tonights show at the Key Club in Hollywood, you can still get them at the door! Hope to see you there!

-12 January 2011 Get your tickets to the record release show for Karus Cruentus here in advance! The show is February 16th!

-1 January 2011 Get Twitter Updates via SMS by texting "follow JoshuaKetchmark" to 40404 in the United States! For other countries, click here.

-12 December 2010 Tunes will soon be availble to listen to on Pandora!

-18 November 2010 The new has launched!

-1 November 2010 Karus Cruentus is set to release 1.11.11

-27 October 2010 The new MySpace Profile was launched.

-21 October 2010 Check out the new Joshua Ketchmark Facebook page!

-15 October 2010 "Everything" video has made it to number 60! Go to OurStage to vote now!

-8 October 2010 Now on OurStage! The video for "Everything" from List of Regrets is in the running for best music video. Log on now and vote!

-2 October 2010 Now on Songkick!

-30 September 2010 Now on Yahoo Music!

-26 September 2010 Began work on the new!

-20 September 2010 Check it! Joshua Ketchmark is now on LAST.FM!

-17 September 2010 Karus Cruentus the EP is off to duplication!

-8 September 2010 Michael Bozzi of Bernie Grundman is currently mastering the EP. The artwork is completed. Won't be long now!

-4 September 2010 The EP is finished being mixed by both Andrew Ackland and Christopher Haynes.

-26 August 2010 Click here to see Joshua's Interview with!

-20 July 2010 Be on the look out for the next EP! Recording is in progress and it is set to be released in early Fall!

-16 May 2010 Get tickets to see Joshua and the Band at The Maximum Exposure show in Marina del Rey on July 6th!

-5 May 2010 Joshua did a Radio Interview on Radio Ugly. Podcast coming soon.

-30 April 2010 The band went into the studio to record 3 new songs live to 2-inch with Andy Ackland.

-16 February 2010 Catch Joshua in April at Molly Malones during his residency! Check the tour page for dates!

-13 February 2010 Subscribe to the Joshua Ketchmark YouTube Channel where you can now view the first webisode! Click Here to View!

-31 January 2010 Began filming a series of webisodes about the happenings in the band...soon to be posted on the video page!

-6 January 2010 Check out the new Press Page which includes "List of Regrets" reviews and interviews with Joshua.

-11 October 2009 The band for live shows has been selected. Matt Malice on Base, Steven Perricone on Guitar and Chuck Irwin on the Drums.

-5 September 2009 Joshua Ketchmark is now on Twitter! Click Here to start following him NOW!

-14 February 2009 The video for 'Everything' is finished and is up on the official Joshua Ketchmark YouTube Channel.

-5 November 2008 The record has been released!

-2 November 2008 Started filming for the 'Everything' video at the Roxy in Hollywood. Spent a few hours shooting with Brian on guitar, James on bass and Kenny on drums.

-25 October 2008 Online Store now open! Download the Pre-Release of List of Regrets!

-10 October 2008 Record is sent off to be pressed. Be on the lookout for purchase date!

-29 September 2008 Record is Mastered.

-18 April 2008 is currently under construction.

Andy Ackland is in the process of mixing the debut record from Joshua Ketchmark, “List of Regrets.” You can Ketch Joshua acoustic, live and for free every first Tuesday of the month at Q’s Billiards Club in Pasadena performing songs from the upcoming record. (99 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91105). The next show is May 6th, 2008. Joshua is currently working with the following bands, you should be able to see him performing with them this summer: Pete Munday-Die Fast-Last Falling He is also recording and engineering tracks for “Dawn of Ashes” in his personal studio “One Room Palace” for their 2009 Record Release. -19 April 2008 "Last Falling" recorded drums at One Room Palace over the weekend. 16 songs were completed by the band.

-23 May 2008 Joshua will be preforming live at Q's Billiards Club on June 3rd and June 17th. Come on by and check out the show! It's sponsored by Jack and Jameson so you get $2.00 off cocktails and you get to hear songs from Joshua's upcoming record!