Karus Cruentus

Carus Kruentus
Maybe Mercy

Music & Lyrics by: J. Ketchmark

This feels like hell
Is there anything left-of how you felt
Before this farewell
Tell me for the last time
Leave me this request
To remember you by
I'm lost and bitter
Can’t you consider?
To bury these mistakes
Maybe I'm to late

How can this end
With a strangers kiss
Where lover’s lips had been
Looking back again
This isn't the first time
Said in silence kept
But written in your eyes
As all this withers
Can’t help but linger
There’s nothing I can save
But you won't erase

The subtle touch of your lilac skin
So close I feel your breath again
Maybe Mercy
The revel felt in my chest begins
Lifts me up, pulls me under again
Maybe Mercy

You are the secret I won’t admit
You are the next step I can't commit
Like a promise that was never meant
All but my of hope is burning dim

2010                        74bpm